It looks like our fearless leader wants to flex his muscles a bit and show the mean ol’ Democrats that he’s really not Putin’s puppet (“Swear to God! See? See now??!?”) so he’s talking about going harder into Syria. Trump says Obama was too weak on Assad and Putin, and frankly, it’s one of the few areas we agree. Hillary would have been tougher, and I would have supported that. I don’t support Trump getting tougher. I think Assad and Putin are murderers, that this latest massacre is a travesty, and I support some sort of intervention to stop the slaughter in Syria. But not by Trump and not by this administration. Simply put, we can’t trust them to make the best decision between a group of bad options, which is all we have here, which is all we almost ever have. They’re bad decision makers. They have no experience, no moral compass, no compassion, no regard for lives, American, military, civilian, or any other. They’re stupid, and they’re cowards. People like that are no good in a fight. They should stay out of them.

So one of the reasons I haven’t been writing a lot is because I have been reading a lot. Here’s a short walk through the things I’ve picked up lately, wrapping up with some words on racism, and why we can’t forget that it just handed the Presidency to a psycho.

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